What type of copy are you looking for?

The services I offer include copy for Websites, Sales Letters & Emails, Case Studies, White Papers & e-books, Ads & Product Descriptions, Newsletters, Brochures, Blogs, and Copy Editing. I also offer design services (I have a designer I work with) in case you’re looking for a comprehensive package. 

Must-haves in the B2B Training World

Websites & Landing Pages

Let’s talk about your website first.

Your website is arguably the most important part of your company. It represents who you are as a brand, and is usually the first place a prospect checks in to learn more about your company. It is the core of your marketing, and it communicates what you do as a brand. 

A well written website should set you apart from your competitors. It should clearly present your credentials and your coaching or training philosophy.

As a B2B website copywriter, I can talk about what your brand is all about, in a way that’s engaging, and makes a lasting first impression. You want your clients to know that you understand their needs, and what exactly they are looking for. That’s why, when I write your website copy, I won’t just be making sure it’s SEO-friendly, but also people-friendly. After all, you are in the business of dealing with people

Now coming to Landing Pages. 

A landing page is a page that gets traffic from anywhere on the internet. It is usually the page customers land on when they click on any of your ads, emails, or newsletters, and is  most commonly associated with search engine results and pay-per-click ads like Google Adwords.

A landing page is the perfect place where you can talk in detail about the benefits of your product or service. The only objective of your landing page is – Lead Generation. 

Since most customers don’t reach for their wallet the first time they learn of a product or service, getting valuable information like their email address provides you with an opportunity to contact them again through your email campaigns, and eventually convert them into customers.

A great way to capture email addresses is by enticing customers with offers like white papers, e-books, newsletters, contests, offers, free trials and more. 

Like everything else in B2B copywriting, writing a compelling landing page too has a formula. A formula that I have learnt from the best in the world of B2B copywriting like Bob Bly and Steve Slanwhite, and will be happy to apply on your landing page and website

A landing page is any page that gets traffic from anywhere other than the pages of your website.  It’s most commonly associated with search engine results and pay-per-click ads like Google Adwords, which allow you to direct traffic to a specific URL (web address) targeted to those visitors.

Sales Pages & Emails

Sales pages and emailers help generate new leads, introduce your company’s services to a prospective client, and drive traffic to your website or white paper. When the copy is compelling enough, these prospects get converted to customers.

When you analyse sales emails that have worked through the years, a trained eye will see that they are not just pretty words strung together – they follow a formula. Certain elements are arranged together in a strategic order to play on the customer’s psyche and show them how your service can greatly benefit them. People buy into companies and products when they see a clear benefit in it for them. 

An experienced B2B copywriter can make suggestions as to how many sales letter a potential client may need, and write copy that sells for the entire journey of a customer. 

When done right, emails are the most effective way to reach and retain your customers.

Case Studies

A case study is a true life example of how a customer benefitted from your product or service.  It is usually written in a story format with a clear introduction, problem statement, and how your company helped solve that problem.  

The reason case studies are so powerful is – It is like an elaborate testimonial for your company. People trust other people, and when done through a case study, you’ll be promoting your services without sounding too ‘salesy’. 

A good B2B copywriter not only builds the case study, using a structure that works, but also goes above and beyond by talking to clients, recording the conversation, and using quotes and figures from the conversation to build the case study.


White Papers/ e-books

A  white paper is a research report or guide that talks about an issue your industry is facing, and potential solutions for it. You can always add a small snippet about your company towards the end of the white paper; but not any more than that. White Papers are usually put together after a ton of research from industry article, forums, influencers, facts and figures. It’s no wonder than they are also the most  influential form of business collateral and 76% of people have used white papers as part of their decision making efforts.

e-books on the other hand, are booklets which talk about a ‘how’. e-books also involve a lot of research, but they make for a lighter read which actionable points, charts, and diagrams. 

Both white papers and e-books, position you as an industry expert, and are great lead generating tools. It’s almost a given that if you’re a B2B company, you have atleast a few white papers to your credit. 

Other Lead-Generation Services I Offer

Product Descriptions

Product Descriptions

The main job of a product description is to state features and emphasize the benefits it holds for your prospects. Benefits hook the customers and are the real reasons people buy. Making your product description attractive not only includes simple language that focuses on features and benefits, but also visual elements like short paragraphs, visual elements, bold texts, tables, paragraphs, and pictures.
Through a product description, you are helping your prospects learn more about your product, and that's an important step on the journey to making a purchase. Customers are always looking for information, and if they find a company that satisfactorily addresses all their concerns and has a solution for their requirements, they're not going to look elsewhere.

B2b Ads


The best ads are short, but compelling pieces of copy that generate leads by making a prospect download a White paper, or entice them into checking out a product description or page with an attractive offer or benefit.

wordpress, blogging, blogger


Blogs position you as an authority in your field.
A well-researched and written blog becomes a platform that fosters trust with existing customers, exposes your company to potential new customers and positions you as an industry expert.
Blogs also help with SEO ranking. If the blog is integrated into your corporate website, and has information that your customers might be looking for, it will come up on Google search when a customer looks for that particular information, and in turn lead to increased traffic.
Also, if you continually add content via your blog, search engines notice that your site is fresh and informative.
Your blog can cover various topics in your field - like new product launches, industry trends, customer success stories, behind the scenes, charity work, free tips & tricks, contests, and a lot more.


e-Newsletters sent to an opt-in list is a great way to keep in touch with your customers. It helps you introduce your service to new prospects, build your brand, promote offers, talk about a particular subject, and position yourself as an authority in your field. Anything that will be of interest or value to your customers makes for good content. This can include industry trends, case studies, helpful tips, how-tos, and more.
If the content in your newsletter is useful, customers will even share it, and this can help you generate more leads at no additional cost. A newsletter becomes a platform for you to build a lasting relationship with your customer. It can be a very valuable component to any comprehensive marketing campaign.


Despite all the developments in the digital world, brochures still hold a very important place in marketing campaigns. A well designed brochure helps to deliver your message with authority.

Writing brochure copy is a science, and goes beyond just slapping your logo on the front page, and talking endlessly about your company on the inside. Some of the elements that go into making a brochure compelling are a strong headline, clear positioning, and visual appeal.

While writing copy for the brochure, the main message that you want to communicate has to be brought forth in the first paragraph itself, and then expanded through the rest of the brochure with the aid of pictures, charts, and facts.

Since a brochure is very design focussed, I will be working closely with your design team (or mine if you don't have one) to get it executed. I will also be asking you a lot of questions, so that I can make sure that the final output is strongly features and benefits driven, and ends with a strong call-to- action.

If you require any other copywriting services like copy editing, revamping your existing website, or just general consultation on how to make your B2B copy work, I’ll be happy to help you out.