Investing in good copy makes you money.. a lot of it!

Why you need a B2B specialist to write your copy

When it comes to the B2B market, the #1 problem companies like yours face guessed it.. Lead Generation. But you already know this, because this is what keeps you up at night.. this is what is on your mind all day.. and this is why you’ve probably found yourself on this page.

Well, let me assure you – you’ve come to the right place. There are a lot of great writers out there who can craft beautiful words, and string sentences in a way that inspires awe. But when it comes to lead generation, none of that works.. because.. there’s a FORMULA! 

And this tried and tested formula, which I have learnt from some of the best writers in the B2B industry is what I will bring to your copy, and make your product look so attractive, that you may want to buy it yourself!  


Hi! I'm Ramya. I help your products and services find their voice amidst the noise.

I specialize in B2B copy for the following industries

Professional Training & Development
Workshops & Courses
Continuing Education (CE) for Professionals
Health & Wellness

I have a certification in B2B copywriting from American Writers & Artists Inc, and am a part of The Professional Writers' Alliance. This means that you can bet on the fact that the copy I write for you will include all the tried and tested industry best practices known only to a select few. I've spent thousands of dollars, and hundreds of hours perfecting this copywriting formula, so that all YOU have to do, is just reach out to me, and you'll have your job done - or should I say 'Leads Generated'!

Copywriting services I offer

If you need copy written for a collateral that’s not in the list mentioned above, write to me. I’m sure I will be able to help you, and in the unlikely event that I’m not, I will put you in touch with an able and competent copywriter who can help you out.

What People Are Saying

Ramya had written an email series for my firm and it gave us 30% more leads than our usual efforts. Extremely satisfied with her service. Will be reaching out for other material in the future.
Karthik Menon
Founder, CEO - FYI Design Solutions
I am a professional corporate coach. Extremely happy with the content written by Ramya for our newsletter, sales emails, and campaign ideas. She is professional, and timely. It was seamless working with her. Highly recommend her services!
Ivy Emmanuel
Founder, Corporate Coach - Clockwork POD
It has been a pleasure to work with Ramya. She is thorough, and the work she submitted did not require a lot of revisions. It's rare to find good B2B writers, and I am glad we found her to be a fit for our copywriting requirements. Keep it up, Ramya!
Richard C
Director, Professional Readiness Program, SPJCM